domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2007


Why did you save me if I was not a victim?
Why didn’t you liberate me if I was conquered?
Why did your hands stop whispering at me?
Why my letters don’t build words anymore?
Why anybody is not here for a change?
Why weren’t you listening when I told “I hate you”?
Why did you do this to me if you love me?

Because you needed to be saved from yourself.
Because you didn’t fight back.
Because you have tracks of my yelling on your face.
Because words doesn’t make any difference right now.
Because nobody cares.
Because I love you.
Because …

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Casa Roccocuchi dijo...

Hola... ehm! gracias por la visita, yo tambien vine a ver quien eres... y ahora voy a tu otro blog... jeje

Casa Roccocuchi dijo...

Para responder porque tantos diarios, es porque cuando se acaba uno comienzo el otro, Saludos!!